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Long Distance Furniture Relocation 

Anyone who’s attempted a move by themselves, or with the help of friends, can attest to the fact that things can–and often do–go wrong. The process can drag out longer than expected, you may have to play packing Tetris to fit all your furniture into a truck and, worse still, you will probably break a couple of things along the way.

Furniture-movers.net has provided a full complement of moving services for more than 10 years and to just about every corner of the U.S. In that time, we have expanded our business and grown the reach of our client base to become the go-to moving professionals for homeowner, renters and businesses alike. The diversity of our moving options, as well as our commitment to providing the cheapest moving rates, has allowed us to expand in ways we didn’t even think were possible just a few years ago.

As a result, we have dramatically expanded the scope of our operations and services to include everyone from the single unit apartment renter to some of America’s largest corporate clients with their moving needs.


While many of our clients are renters and homeowners, our services extend well beyond that to encompass a full range of comprehensive moving solutions. Here are some of the many services we provide:

  • Long distance and interstate moving
    For people moving from state-to-state or over long distances, hiring a professional mover makes a lot of sense. If moving requires a full day (or several days) or driving, the cost goes up exponentially even if using the do-it-yourself method. Factoring in gas, lodging, food, missed work and your own time, hiring a furniture moving company becomes a cost-effective alternative.
  • Cross country and coast-to-coast moving
    The really long moves–east coast to west coast or vice versa–really should be done by a professional mover. Not only is moving across the country more challenging, but the risk you’re assuming drastically increases. Hiring a licensed, bonded and insured mover will ensure that it’s done right and that you’re protected against damages every step of the way.
  • Business and office moves
    We don’t just move home furniture, we also provide furniture moving services for businesses. If you office furniture moved, or even an entire corporate office, we are the moving pros for you! When we were still forging our humble beginnings, many of our first clients were businesses and we have worked hard to maintain those relationships and expanded our base to include some of the most prominent companies and business people in America.
  • Piano and pool table moving
    We also have expertise in moving oversize, bulky and awkward items that may not necessarily qualify as furniture. It can be a real challenged to move a Baby Grand Piano, a full size pool table or a hot tub. Moving these items should really be done by a professional since they require experience and knowledge of logistics to be done properly.
  • Storage facilities
    With the hectic nature of moving, we understand that flexibility can often make the difference between a successfully coordinated move and a poorly planned. We offer both short and long term storage facilities throughout the U.S. that allow you to schedule your move when it’s most convenient for you.

The first question most people want to know when they consider hiring a moving professional is “How much will it cost?” The answer to that can vary based on several factors, but the good news is that some of them are in your control. The main things you can do to help lower the cost are to plan ahead, have an idea of how much you need moved and then shop around. Most furniture movers will offer free quotes, which will allow you to compare prices among different companies and choose the one that best fits your needs. Try us today using the form at the top of the page and see how much we can save you on your moving costs.

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