Moving soon? Don’t panic: we have the best tips for you!

If you are reading this post it means that you are moving into a new home very soon. Congratulations! Getting a new house should always be a reason for celebration and happiness. However, if this is not your first time, you might be starting to worry just by thinking about the high amount of work that is waiting for you. No need to stress. We have many years of experience in the moving business and we are here to help you with a little piece of advice: we have created for you a list with the most effective moving tips to make sure your removal is smooth and successful. We can guarantee that if you follow the suggestions we have compiled for you, your move will be organized and easy, and you will be relaxing on the couch of your new place sooner than you expect.

New apartment

These are few things to take into account:

1. Do you need a storage facility for your goods?  One of the things you should carefully consider is if you need to store some of your goods. If you do, research storage facilities in your area, compare prices and conditions before you make your choice.

2. What about the things that you will not transport with the removals company? It is important you plan ahead about how you will move your vehicles, plants, pets and valuables, such as important documents and jewelry.

  1. Designing the distribution of your furniture for your new home. Planning in advance how you will arrange furniture in the new place will save you a lot of time and hassle on the moving day. You can use a floor plan or sketch to make it clearer.

4.  Getting rid of unnecessary items.  Along the years, we all accumulate lots of things that we do not use anymore. Good ways to reduce this load is to hold a garage sale, donate to charity, sell online, recycle or trash the items you do not want to keep.

  1.  Getting your documents transferred. Do not forget to schedule the transfer or to get a copy of the medical and school records for you and the members of your family. Take into consideration any other important documents that you might need in your new place.
  2.  Finishing up your reserves of food. Start using up the food that you have stored in your pantry and freezer. This way you will avoid waste and minimize the things to be moved to your new place.

7.   What to do with the little ones?The packing is one of the most time consuming tasks that you and your family will face. Involving your children into the packing process by finding something useful they can do to help is a great way to strengthen family bonds and pack more effectively.

8.  Keeping a good record of your belongings. It is very useful to create a detailed list of the packed items. It will help you to know where everything is located and also it will be a great way to update your home inventory.

  1. Boxes and suitcases with your essentials. Do not forget to keep separate boxes for the essential items that you will need right away at your new place. A very good advice is to get everybody in the family to pack a suitcase as if they were going for one-week holidays. This way you will make sure that everybody has everything they might need during the first few days, until all your goods are settled in their new places.
  2. Making sure you do not pay extra for your supplies.  It is crucial that you schedule cancellation of services for the supplies at your old place (gas, water, electricity, telephone, etc…). If you do it in advance you will avoid unnecessary charges or later complications with the new tenants.

Well, here we have showed you just a few of the things that can be done to make your move more efficient. We hope this information provided by London based moving company All Removals London has been useful and we want to wish you the best for the new period at your new home.

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