How to pack for a move


Stressed about Packing and moving?


All right, everyone knows that the most stressful part of the moving process is packing up all of your belongings. We all avoid this part of the process as long as we possibly can, which usually ends up causing us more stress because now we’re rushing to get it all done in a matter of 24 hours. So the point is  avoiding the stress of packing actually causes us more stress in the end, so why not just tackle the assignment head on? There are several tips on how to pack for a move and tricks listed below that can aid you in your moving process without causing you tons of stress.


Your first steps at how to pack for a move

First of all, just for the sake of common knowledge, knowing what “good packing” actually means could be beneficial. Good packing involves making sure that there is plenty of padding around anything breakable, using sturdy boxes, taping down the tops of the boxes to ensure nothing falls out, and never putting items from different rooms into the same box. Now onto the tips and tricks that can help you avoid unnecessary stress.

How to pack for a move where to start?

Always start withthe items that you use the least as well as any “out of season” items you have. Save the items you use daily until the day of the move.



How to pack for a move with the Label boxes tip?

Labelall boxes according to the items in them and the room in which they belong. With this comes a third tip: always pack similar items together. Do not pack priceless china that goes in the dining room in the same box as your children’s stuffed animals.


How to pack protect items for a move

Cushion the bottom of boxes.Use 1-2 inches of bubble wrap, crushed paper or even paper towels to add some cushioning to the bottom of boxes. This can protect items from the possibility of chipping or breaking.

How to pack for a move with Combine boxes?

To save yourself some space, pack small, breakable items in smaller boxes that are heavily padded. Normally, this process leaves you with a fair amount of small boxes to carry around but if you put those small boxes into one large box, you should have no problems!


How to pack for a move your most valuable or items

Keep a personal suitcase.Make sure you set a single suitcase or tote bag aside for the items that you consider most valuable or items that you know you will need the very next day.




Good luck on your move!

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