Tell-tale Signs They Could Be Rogue Furniture Movers

5While most service providers will always try their best to be of good reputation, no doubt there are a couple of bad service providers who will always tarnish the name of the good ones. Furniture movers are not an exception and because all service providers are not created equal, it is upon you to take your time to establish how reputable and good a service provider is before committing yourself and your hand-earned cash on any business deal.

Working with the wrong movers can be a very disastrous process, leave alone the prospect of losing all your earthy possessions to a rogue service provider. Here is a list of tell-tale signs that might guide you into choosing and working with furniture movers.

Be cautious when the furniture movers do not insist on visiting and seeing the furniture being moved before the scheduled date of moving. An on-site inspection of all that is being moved is often used by many companies to help determine the true cost of moving.

Be cautious if the movers demand a large deposit, or an advance payment even before the work begins. This could be a tell-tale sign that the movers may not deliver. As a matter of fact, you need to have everything moved and unloaded to your new home before you could sign the paper work and release payment.

It might also raise eyebrows if the furniture movers will provide you with an internet or over-the-phone estimate that is way too low than the average of what others are charging. Generally, moving estimates are often based on the weight of what needs to be moved and not on the cubic feet. Some rogue dealers are known to offer estimates based on cubic feet such as truck space and will often leave many people confused and they end up working with the rogue movers.

You should also know it is a rogue service provider when you call the company and the “official” telephone line is answered by a generic “moving company’ or “movers” without having the company name mentioned any place. This could be an indication that the furniture movers are just agents or middlemen who will end up connecting you with the “actual’ movers once they get their cut. You should also know it is a rogue dealer when the day of moving a rental truck comes instead of a branded, company-owned moving truck.

These are just some general guidelines given by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. When all is said and done, and when all protocol is observed in hiring a moving company, what remains is for you to trust your gut feeling. If a deal seems too good to be true, then you should make the wise move of trusting your gut feeling and finding someone else.

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